Bikelocally is here to help you realize the power and freedom of enjoying your local community by bicycle (or tricycle, or quadracycle). You will learn about places, businesses, and events that are bike-friendly. The best way to get the most done around town with pedal power is by cargo bike, so expect profiles and reviews of every cargo bike possible especially those available in the U.S. As well, you will be introduced to local businesses who support cyclist as a key part of the local economy.

Who am I? I am a true homer, a guy who finds things to love about any city I live in. My heart is in my local community. Seeing small businesses being, thrive,  and provide fuel to keep the community alive brings me great pride. I enjoy building something and seeing it in action, bikes satiate that need. Making Bikelocally successful justifies my time spend being curious about cargo bikes an all they possibilities they offer. As 30 plus year athlete maintaining health and physical effectiveness is important. As a dad, I want my kids to become active because they see me doing it too.