Monday, April 13, 2015

Who's up for the National Bike Challenge?

So every Friday evening I ask myself, "How much can I get done this weekend without getting into that car until Monday?" Despite the wonderful feeling of cheating traffic and the endorphin rush from even a casual ride, I often feel like I could have done more. Starting May 1st I will have the support of thousands of riders to spur me on.

People For Bikes is hosting the National Bike Challenge. It will run from May 1st through September 30th. This is a chance for avid and want to be cyclists to join with others to log as many miles as possible over a five month span.

Click the image above to join  as an individual or as part of a group. Log your miles and having fun supporting other riders. Beyond publicly tracking your personal miles this can be a real community event.

Join with other to create a team.

Make a it work team building exercise.

Get some parent / student P.E. time in and cut the school pick up line down. 

Knock on a few doors and make your neighborhood streets safer and slower.

In any sporting event there is always room for a side bet. Create a local challenge or pit one state against another, all in the name of health and fun of course. 

Here's my local challenge: Santa Monica, let's roll big on this one. 

As we have entered spring I see posts of cyclist around the country and world excited to finally have a break in the snow or warm enough temperatures to enjoy a bike ride. 

Come on, we live in Southern California. We haven't seen good snow within two hours of here in a few years. The least we can do is make the best of this horrible drought and ride our bikes. 

While it will be warm and often down right hot the majority of this five month challenge, it's not like many parts of the country. No 100% humidity, 95 degree days here on the west side. Let's ride!

What will you do to make the most of the 
National Bike Challenge?

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