Thursday, March 5, 2015

SM Bike Center Supports Local School

A big thank you to the folks at Santa Monica Bike Center for donating a cargo bike rental to a local pre-school's fundraising auction. Thank you to Abbey and Andrea for putting together such a nice package.

Photo courtesy of Santa Monica Bike Center

The Xtracycle EdgeRunner will be made available for a half or full day rental to the highest bidder. They even threw in some other goodies to make it a truly fun day for one lucky family. As with so many schools, donations are key to helping them deliver the type of quality early childhood education that establishes a love for learning.

SM Bike Center has one of the best selections of cargo / family bikes rentals I have seen. In addition to the EdgeRunner the center offers the Taga and Cabby. If you and the kids are ever in need of a trusty steed for a family bike ride in Santa Monica head down to Colorado Blvd. and 2nd St.!