Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dodging parking tickets with bicycles

Ok Angelinos and those who park your cars in Los Angeles; here is your chance to thumb your nose at the city. It was recently reveled that the first budget of newly elected mayor Eric Garcetti contains provisions for fifty additional part-time traffic enforcement officers. Why is this a big deal? Because they will be used to add $5 million in projected revenue to the city coffers. Also, because Mayor Garcetti spoke about not using parking tickets as a revenue generator during his mayoral campaign. So what's an LA driver to do?

Ride your bike. The upside is all in your favor. Parking tickets would be a thing of the past. Finding parking would almost never be a hassle. Bikes can usually be locked up right in front of  your destination. There are no meters to feed. Cyclists can enjoy their visit to the store, theater, etc. without the worry of running out of time.

More cycling may actually improve revenues for local businesses and the city to boot (uh maybe boot is not the best word selection given the subject matter). Some studies suggest cycles spend more than motorist. If this is the case increase spending will generate more sales tax. Cycling is less damaging to city streets so maintenance expense would be reduced. Getting to the ridership that would yield those savings is another story. I am confident that some city will get there. Until then, if for no other reason than to beat the city at it's own game get on your bike and park in peace.

How much would traffic tickets have to be before you would shift some of your city travels to a bike?

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