Monday, April 21, 2014

Love powered cargo bikes

* Warning * 
The content below is highly inspirational and may cause your eyes to leak.

Cargo biking elicits thoughts like car free, car lite, kid hauler, grocery getter, and green transportation. In addition to these attributes, cargo bikes can provide freedom to a person with a physical disability. In the examples below we see that cargo bikes can also be used as a tool for love.

Team Hoyt

Rick Hoyt was born with a disability that left him with limited ability to communicate and little control of his body. After seeing an advertisement for a community five mile race he told his dad Dick that he wanted to participate. Despite having no running experience up to that point in his life Dick push his son in a  wheel chair and ran the race. With a specially built road bike they moved on to triathlons. Here is glimpse of what they did together for the next thirty years.

Conner and Cayden Long

Apparently love gives you better muscle growth than any supplement you can buy. 9 year old Conner Long who refused to leave his brother Cayden behind despite his inability to play on the sports field due to cerebral palsy came up with an awsome idea. The one sport Conner figured out they could do together is triathlons.

Team Garwood

Inspired by Team Hoyt, Kevin Garwood introduced his son with cerebral palsy to triathlons. What ever Nicholas couldn't communicate verbally came through loud and clear by the look in his eyes. He wanted to ride! Enlisting a trusty steed that appears to be a Morpheus they hit the road.

These three families demonstrate the possibilities of a cargo bike powered by love.

How would you use a cargo bike to positively impact someone's life?

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