Thursday, April 17, 2014

Enhance your city life with Less Car More Go!

Bikelocally is about living and moving in your city by bike. A growing number of people do it. Some don't or stop because they think the bike is not practical as they have more people and stuff to move. A few years ago while dreaming of a way to get on a bike with my growing family I discovered the cargo bike.

Less Car More Go is a crowdsourced documentary spearheaded by Liz Canning. It is all about my new found local transportation passion, cargo bikes. Liz and one hundred co-producers have amassed hours of footage featuring all manner of transportation by bicycle and tricycle. In this yet to be released feature film you will see families, individuals, businesses, and others all moving through life by bike. You won't believe the variety, volume, and weight of what you can comfortably move by bike. 

To get across the finish line Liz has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the film. As of this post the campaign has raised over $17,000 with a little over 20 days before the deadline. There are some great rewards along the spectrum of donation size. You can even receive a cargo bike of your own at some of the higher levels. Click the Less Car More Go logo above and check it out for yourself. Support the movie about the bikes and trikes that can support your community.

Would you give up a few hours a week behind the wheel for a bike that can haul?

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