Saturday, December 13, 2014

Beverly Hills restaurant is biking locally for lunch

Of all the places to see bikes at work! In this city I have seen all manner of exotic cars including a Ferrari covered in chrome. So you can understand my surprise and delight when I saw bikes delivering lunch in Beverly Hills!

On my way down Wilshire Blvd. I spotted two or three of these guys delivering lunch. They are part of the team at Walter's Cafe. They must cater to the retail workers and office staff in the neighborhood with their American fare. 

I am very curious to talk with the owner to find out how bikes were added to the fleet and how useful they find them. Go Walter's Cafe!

As services like Postmates cover more ground there will be more "by bike" options to choose from.

Who delivers by bike in your town? 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

CicLAvia headed East Oct. 5th 9am - 4pm

Enjoy the ride on the East side. Stay cool and hydrated. It looks like there will be plenty of local shops open to meet all your needs.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Buy Local is Giving Local all next week

Monday Sept. 22nd through Sunday Sept. 28th is  Buy Local / Give Local week in Santa Monica. The small business advocacy group Buy Local Santa Monica  organized this great event.

As urban cyclists we need to show our support. Biking for shopping, dining, etc. is hyper local for us. The best way to show we deserve better cycling infrastructure is by supporting local business and the community at large.

Go to dinner, grab some groceries, taste some treats, indulge in a mani-pedi or massage after a ride. You can do it all by bike!! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dodging parking tickets with bicycles

Ok Angelinos and those who park your cars in Los Angeles; here is your chance to thumb your nose at the city. It was recently reveled that the first budget of newly elected mayor Eric Garcetti contains provisions for fifty additional part-time traffic enforcement officers. Why is this a big deal? Because they will be used to add $5 million in projected revenue to the city coffers. Also, because Mayor Garcetti spoke about not using parking tickets as a revenue generator during his mayoral campaign. So what's an LA driver to do?

Ride your bike. The upside is all in your favor. Parking tickets would be a thing of the past. Finding parking would almost never be a hassle. Bikes can usually be locked up right in front of  your destination. There are no meters to feed. Cyclists can enjoy their visit to the store, theater, etc. without the worry of running out of time.

More cycling may actually improve revenues for local businesses and the city to boot (uh maybe boot is not the best word selection given the subject matter). Some studies suggest cycles spend more than motorist. If this is the case increase spending will generate more sales tax. Cycling is less damaging to city streets so maintenance expense would be reduced. Getting to the ridership that would yield those savings is another story. I am confident that some city will get there. Until then, if for no other reason than to beat the city at it's own game get on your bike and park in peace.

How much would traffic tickets have to be before you would shift some of your city travels to a bike?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Love powered cargo bikes

* Warning * 
The content below is highly inspirational and may cause your eyes to leak.

Cargo biking elicits thoughts like car free, car lite, kid hauler, grocery getter, and green transportation. In addition to these attributes, cargo bikes can provide freedom to a person with a physical disability. In the examples below we see that cargo bikes can also be used as a tool for love.

Team Hoyt

Rick Hoyt was born with a disability that left him with limited ability to communicate and little control of his body. After seeing an advertisement for a community five mile race he told his dad Dick that he wanted to participate. Despite having no running experience up to that point in his life Dick push his son in a  wheel chair and ran the race. With a specially built road bike they moved on to triathlons. Here is glimpse of what they did together for the next thirty years.

Conner and Cayden Long

Apparently love gives you better muscle growth than any supplement you can buy. 9 year old Conner Long who refused to leave his brother Cayden behind despite his inability to play on the sports field due to cerebral palsy came up with an awsome idea. The one sport Conner figured out they could do together is triathlons.

Team Garwood

Inspired by Team Hoyt, Kevin Garwood introduced his son with cerebral palsy to triathlons. What ever Nicholas couldn't communicate verbally came through loud and clear by the look in his eyes. He wanted to ride! Enlisting a trusty steed that appears to be a Morpheus they hit the road.

These three families demonstrate the possibilities of a cargo bike powered by love.

How would you use a cargo bike to positively impact someone's life?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Enhance your city life with Less Car More Go!

Bikelocally is about living and moving in your city by bike. A growing number of people do it. Some don't or stop because they think the bike is not practical as they have more people and stuff to move. A few years ago while dreaming of a way to get on a bike with my growing family I discovered the cargo bike.

Less Car More Go is a crowdsourced documentary spearheaded by Liz Canning. It is all about my new found local transportation passion, cargo bikes. Liz and one hundred co-producers have amassed hours of footage featuring all manner of transportation by bicycle and tricycle. In this yet to be released feature film you will see families, individuals, businesses, and others all moving through life by bike. You won't believe the variety, volume, and weight of what you can comfortably move by bike. 

To get across the finish line Liz has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the film. As of this post the campaign has raised over $17,000 with a little over 20 days before the deadline. There are some great rewards along the spectrum of donation size. You can even receive a cargo bike of your own at some of the higher levels. Click the Less Car More Go logo above and check it out for yourself. Support the movie about the bikes and trikes that can support your community.

Would you give up a few hours a week behind the wheel for a bike that can haul?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bikes deliver the library? Yup!

As I delve into the world of cargo bikes I learn more and more about what can be accomplished on a bike. Bikes can deliver all sort of things like groceries, medical attention, and appliances. Bikelocally focuses on where to go and what you can do on a bike. So, when I saw that Oakland Public Library will bring the books to you by bike I thought "this is a cool update to the bookmobile".

Oakland Public Library Bike Library
 Photo of the mobile bike library
(Photo by Michael Cuffe)

The bike library is a great PR tool for Oakland. Since the books will ride to you, hopefully more of Oakland's reads will ride to the books. Give OPL a call and have the bike library at your next event. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shopping California without "paper or plastic"

California shoppers the next time you are in the grocery store relish the sound of your baggers words when they ask, "paper or plastic?". That question will be come a thing of the past if a proposed state wide ban on plastic bags is passed. LA TIMES on bag ban

Two Los Angeles assembly members have written and are supporting assembly bill 405 which would eliminate single use plastic grocery bags. In Santa Monica and now the city of Los Angeles the ban is already in effect. You can still have paper bags at a cost of $.10 cents each.

What's a bicycling shopper to do?

The local prohibitions on plastic grocery bags and the impending state wide ban opens the door for pannier and bike bag makers. There are several useful option if you are going to shop by bike without bags offered by your local grocery store.

The commuter trailer:

Conceptually the Burley Travoy is my favorite. With all the bells and whistles you have a dolly style trailer that unclips from your seat post and can be wheeled through the store as a shopping cart. Because there are two removable mesh bags that attach to the trailer it is a self-contained system for grocery shopping.

The cons are simple. As a trailer you seem to get the most stability when it is loaded. So the trip to the store could feel a bit unsettling but the bike ride home from the market should be a dream. This is the best option for single bikers shopping for  themselves. I'd love to get my hands on one of these for a full review.

Rack and panniers:

Some of you may not want the extra attachment hanging from your bike, there are on board options for you. If your shopping doesn't fill up more than two bags you can go the traditional rack an pannier route. Modern urban pannier bags are a great option. There are options that are extra tall and those that have carrying straps making them very versatile.

If supplying your own reusable bags is your preferred method of food conveyance, then pick up a cargo bike. A popular bolt-on option is the Xtracycle FreeRadical X1. The kit is complete though it can appear pricey at an MSRP of $449.00. When you consider all the people and stuff in can carry the price is in line with other add on options.

Xtracycle FreeRadical X1

The next step up from the Xtracycle is a purpose build cargo bike. I won't go into all your choices here. You are invited to take a look at an exhaustive list of options around from around the world at

We are now far afield from grocery bag options. The fact that we have a range of options is a beautiful thing for people who use bikes as transportation. The options are plentiful so there is nothing stopping you from taking care of all your errands by bike.

What are your plans for shopping by bike without "paper or plastic"?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Why cargo bikes should say thank you to mobile delivery apps

Just as email and apps like Docusign have put the coffin in the bike messenger business, mobile technology is opening the door for the return of the milk man. Not just milk, more like full loads of groceries, laundry, lunch and just about anything else you don't have the time or desire to get yourself. It took nearly 100 years, now the bike has a chance to once again reign supreme in the neighborhood commerce.


Because of file sharing an e-signatures bike messengers are called on less and less to move paper documents across town at a moments notice. A long time staple of the industry was the legal field. Now courts are going paperless leaving track bike wielding satchel wearing street racers in the lurch. While one door is closing mobile apps like Zipments, Postmates, and Washio have the potential to breath new life into biking for commercial transit.

In recent years there has been a renaissance among load bearing bicycles in the U.S. Mostly used by reasonably affluent parents to haul kids around town in the Pacific North West and other select locales in America. With the emergence of delivery on demand cargo bikes can make an even bigger splash on the national cycling scene.

Bikes with the ability to carry loads up to 600 lbs. and electric assist for a full days work can be great alternatives to Smart cars and Fiat 500s for quick city deliveries. If you sign up as a delivery person with one of the on-demand delivery apps imagine of your cost advantage over competing motor vehicles. Parking, gas, registration, oil changes are not part of your cost structure. Given the load carrying capacity of some models you can compete directly with cars for the same job. Cyclist, here is your chance to breathe new life into cycling for commerce.

What do you see for the future of bikes for business in the U.S.?