Friday, November 1, 2013

Are you a cyclist?

Are you a cyclist? That's the reply I received after extolling the virtues of biking for local transportation and the usefulness of cargo bikes. My marketing friend couldn't understand why I was so enamored with bicycles if I wasn't planning my next century ride.

I am a cyclist, just not the aero-helmet spandex wearing seventy mile an hour hill bombing kind. After criss-crossing the city of Los Angeles all week in my car I only want my bike on the weekends. Riding my bike around Santa Monica is a release. It makes me feel like I know something that car drivers don't.

I am a localist. Some of my best memories are of the people and places I frequented growing up in my home town. Now that I call Santa Monica home, I love it as well. Our grocery stores, parks, and beach are so much more enjoyable when parking and traffic are not part of the process. Getting out of that metal cocoon on wheels puts you in touch with your city in a way that is best experienced by bike. I see more of my surroundings. So yes, I am a cyclist who loves cycling my city.